Arbitrary-Precision Integer Arithmetic

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InfInt is simply a lightweight large integer library which consists of a header file. So, all you have to do is to include the header file provided and start using huge integers in your applications.

You can download compressed archives of releases here: DOWNLOADS.


It is pretty straight forward to use the library. Just create an instance of InfInt class and start using it:

    InfInt myint1 = "15432154865413186646848435184100510168404641560358";
    InfInt myint2 = 156341300544608LL;

    myint1 *= --myint2 - 3;
    std::cout << myint1 << std::endl;

Useful methods:

  • intSqrt: integer square root operation
  • digitAt: returns digit at index
  • numberOfDigits: returns number of digits
  • size: returns size in bytes
  • toString: converts it to a string

There are also conversion methods which allow conversion to primitive types: toInt, toLong, toLongLong, toUnsignedInt, toUnsignedLong, toUnsignedLongLong.

You may define INFINT_USE_EXCEPTIONS and library methods will start raising InfIntException in case of error instead of writing error messages using std::cerr.